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forum game rules

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:56 pm

General Rules:

This section is for Forum Games ONLY.

1. All forum games must be written in the following style, eg: [Forum Game] Puzzles

2. Before creating your forum game, use the search option to see if a similar game already exists. Duplicates will be closed.

3. For any posts which do not follow the rules of the forum game and the game rules, the topic starter should notify a moderator
immediately by Personal Message/Reporting the post.

4. If you wish to participate in a forum game, please read the topic body to understand the idea of the game. All posts which are not related to the forum game will be removed.

Rules for forum games:

1. One player can create up to three games. In case you have created more than three games, the moderators will close the last created game.

2. Forum games will be locked if:

- The last post in the game is more than 1 month old;

- The game has existed for more than a week, while the posts in it are less than 10;

- The game violates the Rules for Forum Games in any way;

- Forum games about specific players playing against the community are not accepted.

Moderators reserve the right to close any forum games which do not fit the above criteria.
Users that violate the game rules will be punished.


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