In game violators

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In game violators

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:55 pm

Both sections use the pre-moderation. It means that a topic you've created will appear in the forum after a moderator checks it.

In the "GAME VIOLATORS" section, the topic you've created will be approved as it is only if attached evidence does not contain any information that breaks the rules of the game.
If videos or screenshots contain messages that break the rule of the game, they will be attached to the violator's karma and removed from the topic.

A section that was made to maintain order in the game should be an example of order itself.
Please read the VIOLATORS SECTION RULES before creating a new topic in this section.

Screenshots with bad language, insults and profanity MUST be posted in the Chat Violators section.


1. First of all you need to read the GAME RULES and make sure that the actions of the player truly violate them.

2. You need to collect evidence. The best proof is a video which clearly shows the violation. Quality of the video must allow moderators to easily understand nicknames and ranks of all the players.
We only accept screenshots and videos made less than a month ago.
The video’s length should be no less than 5 minutes and no more than 20.
During the video, press TAB at least once to show the scoreboard of the battle.
We only accept videos made in battles as evidence because videos made "outside", i.e. in the server chat, do not provide enough information on what the player was doing in the battle.
Quality of screenshots or videos must allow moderators to easily understand nicknames and ranks of all the players.
When recording a video of sabotage, the player has no right to violate the rules of the game themselves. All complaints of sabotage will be considered in the light of all the participants of the battle, including the creator of the video.
Instruction on how to record a VIDEO.
Instruction on how to take a screenshot.

Requirements for video:


Any acts or omissions aimed at creating obstructions for the team where the player is a member of the team: video’s length should be no less than 10 minutes and no more than 20. The video should clearly show player’s actions (for example often is paused, deliberately ignores opponents with he flag, does not help to capture the enemy flag, shoots his own team, pushes, turns purposefully unfreeze opponent with the flag etc.). Also do not forget to show statistics battle (press Tab).

Conspiracy with the enemy: video’s length should be no less than 5 minutes and no more than 20. We have to show it is a conspiracy, not an incident, but a few actions (for example: does not hit the opponent, the opponent is on the base of their flag etc.). Statistics battlefield also has an important role. When you create a topic be sure to specify nicknames of all of the players who have been in collusion. This will help us processing your topic faster. Thank you!


In the video provided it must be clearly seen that the player uses third-party software. The nickname of the violator also has to be seen

Requirements for screenshots:


Deliberate inactivity: it is necessary to provide 4 to 7 screens of battle’s statistics with delays of 3 to 5 minutes per screenshot

Interfering player's own team: it is necessary to provide a series of screenshots, which clearly show that the player systematically interferes the battle.
Recommended amount of screenshots is 5 to 7.


The screenshots must clearly show that a player is using third-party software. Please remember that game chat is an indirect evidence and we cannot make a decision only chat.

3. You need to create a new topic in this section.
Remember, the quality of the topic directly affects the speed of its analysis.
Name of the player that made the screenshot or the video must match the topic starter's nickname. Edited screenshots/video are not allowed.
In the topic itself you need to specify the violator's nickname, attach evidence (screenshots or video) and provide important details about the situation.

Instruction on how to upload a video to YouTube.
Instruction on how to post your YouTube video in the forum.
Instruction on how to upload a screenshot to an image hosting.
Instruction on how to post a screenshot in the forum.

Do not try to describe everything that happened, it might slow down the processing of the the topic. You only need to provide evidence and important details.

What will happen next?
As soon as the moderator decides that the evidence of guilt is sufficient, the player will be punished (with the assistance of developers or technical support specialists).
The severity of the punishment will be determined by the administration of the investigation.
The penalty can be a warning, a fine in the form of experience points or crystals, removal of certain objects from Garage, blocking of access to the game’s forum or chat, as well as the complete blocking of access to the game.
Remember that it’s impossible to get the solution immediately. Have patience. Violators will be punished in any case.

Attention! all the evidence posted in the topic cannot be older than a month! (the period during which the player can appeal the punishment)


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